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10 Reasons You Aren’t Healthy and Happy in Midlife

Are You Healthy & Happy | Strategies to Be Healthy & Happy

Not feeling healthy?  Not feeling happy?  Could these 10 reasons be resulting in you not being healthy and happy?
10 Reasons You May Not Be Health and Happy | Things you can change for better health and happiness

10 Reasons You May Not Be Health & Happy | Things you can change for better health and happiness

10 Reasons You Aren’t Healthy and Happy

1. You Eat Junk Food.
Not just chips, candy and soda. You eat the Standard American Diet (SAD) which means that most of the food really isn’t food. It is a food-like substance that comes out of a box, bag or can. Switch to nourishing, clean, whole foods that don’t have a box, bag or label. It can make the difference in your body and in your mental state. What you could eat when you were younger, now affects your metabolism and balance of your body.

2. You Dislike Your Body
When you dislike something, you usually don’t treat it right. Why should you care for yourself if you don’t even like your body? When you dislike something, it is automatically hard to be happy. Your body may not be the perfect body. It may have a few extra pounds on it, but it allows you to move, live, love. It is doing its best to handle all of the poor food, lack of movements, stress, lack of sleep and environmental toxins you throw at it. Start appreciating your body. Let go of dislike for your body or anything else.  It never serves you well. Your body you around. You have all your limbs. Many don’t. You are able to work. Some can’t. It is the only body you are ever going to have.  Appreciate it. Live in it. Love it.

3. You Sit Too Much
The majority of people have “sitting” jobs. Even if you don’t..you work a retail store, you may be surprised how little you are moving your body. Get up and move for a minute every 40-50 minutes. Take a break and go to the bathroom. Can’t focus or figure out a problem, get up and pace. Walking will help clear your mind. Get moving in little ways throughout the day. Exercising for 45 to 60 minutes a day can’t undo the damage done by a sedentary life. Just move. When you are in your midlife, you need to move your body, not to stress it, but to lovingly encourage its balance.

4. You Compare Yourself to Others
Why is it that you always need to be comparing yourself to others? What good will come of it? You will always be better looking than some and less good-looking than others. You will always have a better body than some and heavier body than others. You will always come up short to some which will make you feel worse. You will always come up better to some which will make you feel cocky. Stop it now. If you must compare, compare yourself to what you were yesterday. Are you a little bit better than yesterday? Have you learned something, helped someone, tried something new, ate one healthier item. Whatever it is, always strive to be just a fraction of a percent better in some way than you were yesterday. Pat yourself on the back for making progress. Then get out there and do one more thing.

5. You Let Your Fears Stop You
We all have fears. It is a human emotion. When you are fearful, that means you need to seriously consider whatever it is. What would be the best possible outcome? What would be the worst? Face your fears. Feel your fears, and then do it anyway.

6. You Haven’t Found a Way to Work With Your Stress
You will never eliminate all your stress. Stress is all around us. However, how you look at your stress can make all the difference. Get rid of things you don’t need in your life. Those things that you can’t eliminate, find a way to re-frame the stress to be more positive. Yes, you have to cook tonight, but at least you have food to eat and the ability to cook for your family. Yes, your teens are driving you crazy…the alternative is unthinkable. Yes, you have to travel for work, but at least you get a chance to try something new, see a new place, or have quiet time to yourself in the hotel that you never get at home. When you re-frame your stresses, your body starts seeing them as a good thing, the stress won’t be as negative to your body and emotions. Check out Stress As a Positive and start reducing your stress. Stress affects your cortisol, and that encourages your body to store body fat around the belly.

7. You Don’t Go Into Nature
That can mean just getting out in your backyard or park during the day time.  You need the sun, not only for the Vitamin D which is critical to your health but for the positive mood-boosting effects, as well as the balancing of our circadian rhythms.  Earthing or walking barefoot in the grass can lift your spirits and connect you to the energy of the earth.  A little dirt under your fingernails can help you create a more diverse microbiome in your gut.  Find time to get outside, especially now in the summer. Soak up those positive rays. (But be smart about not burning your skin.)

8. You Do Too Much Screen Time
You may feel like you are relaxing by watching the latest reality TV show, but are you?  Do you really feel better after watching tv?  You may have your smartphone attached to you 24/7.  We all need to get away from our screens. Take time to be face to face with your family.  Read a good book, not on a tablet.  Find time for quiet to let yourself think and dream.  Your best thoughts can happen in the quiet times.

9. You Don’t Get Enough Sleep
Sleep is critical to your mood. When you don’t sleep your brain can’t detoxify.  Your hormone levels get out of balance. You have a cascade effect on your health and your happiness.  The majority of people need 7 to 8.5 hours of sleep every day.  Schedule in sleep.  You will get more done when you are rest.  You will treat others better.  You will make healthier choices.  Sleep can help detoxify the toxins out of your brain and body. Consider adding this drink into your life for better sleep.

10. You Don’t Have a Spiritual Practice
Find time to be in the presence of someone greater than you are.  Develop a prayer time. Go worship.  When you have a spiritual practice it takes you outside of your immediate problems and fears. It helps you focus on the bigger picture.  You will become physically and mentally happier. Psychology Today wrote about Why Be Spiritual? Five Benefits of Spirituality.

Which of the above 10 Reasons You Are Not Healthy and Happy need improvement?  Make a plan to work on that area so that you can improve your health and your happiness.


If you need help making changes to be healthy and happy schedule a Free 20-Minute Healthy Results Phone Session to see how I can support you.

10 Reasons you Aren't Healthy and Happy - Inner Savvy Wellness

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  1. The Happy Healthy Kiwi says:

    A year ago this post would have described me to a T, but I have turned all of it around except maybe the stress part. I’m taking that as a win.

      • The Happy Healthy Kiwi says:

        I had a major panic attack at work, that was my rock bottom. After that I decided it was time to be happy and healthy. It was a long hard road and it will never be over, but it’s so worth it.

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