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30 Truths for Healthy Living

When you want optimal health, learn these 30 truths for healthy living.

30 Truths of Healthy Living for Optimal Health | Inner Savvy Wellness
Part of my mission is to let women know they can take charge of their own health to achieve healthy living for optimal health. You don’t have to settle for little aches and pains, low energy, or hormonal imbalances.  Little things can all add up and make a difference. Recently I was reading 50 Universal Truths That will Make You More Successful. It was written for someone pursuing a career.  It inspired me to write down the truths I have learned about living a healthy life to achieve optimal health.

In no particular order 30 universal truths I learned in my life and studies to achieve optimal health.

30 Truths for Healthy Living

  1. Say yes more than you say no.  Look for what you can do, add those into your diet, movement and self-care to crowd out the things that don’t help you be healthy.

2. Develop a passion for living an optimal health life.  When you are passionate about something, you focus on it, and it becomes fun and easier to pursue.

3. Optimal health can not happen without nourishing whole foods, daily movement, and plenty of sleep,

4. If you can not be passionate about living your optimal health, then become passionate about your why.  Do you want to be able to play with your grandkids? Do you have a bucket list you want to accomplish? Find your why and become passionate about it.

5. Surround yourself with others who are living an optimally healthy life. Your friends and acquaintances do affect what you do and how you live.

6. Start where you are. It doesn’t matter how healthy you are or how healthy you live. Start where you are. Don’t start where you want to be. It is impossible to be where you want to be except starting small, right where you are.

7. Do the easiest thing first. Think you can not live without bread. Don’t start there. Think you can live without your candy snack, then give that up. Think you will never run a mile? Don’t try. Think you can walk around the block…start there.

30 Truths for Healthy Living | Inspiring Words | Live Healthy

8. Realize that optimal health is different for everyone.  It doesn’t mean you have no health issues or never get sick. It means your body runs as optimally as it can with its genetics, food available, physical limits, etc.  Know that optimal is better than where you are right now in your life.

9. Spend your time on what can get you to optimal health.  Is it spending time buying quality food? Is it cooking fancy dishes or easy, raw foods?  Is it running for miles or doing strength training? Figure out what your body needs and spend the majority of your time giving it that nourishment.

10.Be patient with yourself as you try new things, eat new foods, find ways to move, learn new meditations, etc.  Patience is a virtue that you will need. It took a while for you to learn to tie your shoes, why do you expect to learn a new way of healthy living and it being comfortable to you right away?

11. Focus on your strengths. Focus on your weaknesses is depressing and de-motivating. Work on your strengths. It is easier and more fun.

12. The only way to not give up is to try new things when you get bored. Loved yoga and now you don’t enjoy going? Try Tai Chi.  Loved spinach but it feels like that is all you eat? Try swiss chard.

13. You will make mistakes. Think of yourself as a beginner in healthy living. Mistakes come with beginning anything.

14. Sleep is important for optimal health.  There is a reason the sun doesn’t shine 24 hours a day. Get enough sleep for you.

15. It is almost impossible to live an optimally healthy life alone.  Get some buddies, in person or online. Get support.

30 Truths for Healthy Living | Inspiring Words | Live Healthy

16. Insanity is doing something over and over but expecting different results.  If something is not working for you, change.

17. What may be healthy for someone may not be healthy for you. We are all different in body, mind, and spirit. Find what is right and what works for you.

18. Pay attention to your body. It speaks to you. Listen, learn and grow.

19. It is hard to give yourself self-care and nourishment if you don’t like yourself.  You are amazing. Learn to love yourself.

20. Let go of the shoulds and develop healthy dos.

21. There will always be others that eat better, look better, feel better. Don’t compare unless you compare yourself to what you were yesterday.  Make that little improvement and be happy that you are moving forward.

22. There will never be a perfect time to start living healthy. Start now.

23. Lack of time is a blessing because you get to be creative in how you live your healthy life.

24. Treat optimal health as a journey. You will never get there. It is the journey of many steps forward and backward as you learn what optimal health is to you. There is no end point.

25. Find the joy in the journey toward optimal health.  Don’t wait to be joyful until you get there. It will never happen. Joy really is in the journey.  Enjoy the process.

26. No matter how healthy you become you can slip back to poor health. Guard your health as a precious treasure.

27. Slip-ups are inevitable along your journey. Plan for them. Accept them. Don’t dwell on them. Move forward.

28. Learn how to say no to temptations from well-meaning friends.  Your health is more important than pleasing someone else.  A true friend will support you.

29. Focus on what you want not what you don’t want. Your mind is powerful and when you focus on the wrong things those are what you will get.

30. Optimal health brings together mind, body, emotions, and spirit. Don’t neglect any part of your whole person.

There you have 30 truths about healthy living for optimal health.

Do you have any to add?  Would love to hear if you agree or disagree with these. What am I missing?

30 Truths of Healthy Living for Optimal Health | Inner Savvy Wellness
30 Truths for Healthy Living | Inspiring Words | Live Healthy

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  1. As a Yoga instructor, with a specialization in Ayurvedic healthcare, I always remind people of your point #17 … we are all different, we are all unique, and our healthcare and best practices will be different as well. Good health is also a constantly moving, flowing thing and, as you said, our needs will change as well.

    You have a lovely website with very useful information. I look forward to following it and was glad to have found you via WP’s Commenting Bootcamp.

    • Karen says:

      Jackie, I am so glad you stopped by. Sounds like you and I see people the same way, unique and lovely. The WP Commenting Bootcamp is going to be fun.

  2. Wendy says:

    Where have you been for the last eight years of my life? Or more accurately, where have I been?? As I get older, I see how very important self-care is, and that being healthy is the only way I can be there for my family. Can’t wait to read more. Going to click follow as soon as I post this!

    • Karen says:

      Hi Wendy, Thank you for stopping by. So glad you are here. Will loving hearing your ideas. I am here to help women to take charge of their healthy. I hope you continue to find something useful here.

  3. Joce says:

    What a great list! I am always trying to remind myself of a lot of these things so having a list is a great reminder…pinned it so I can keep coming back to it. I often find myself getting bored easily so #12 (try new things) is something I really need to remember instead of giving up! Thank you!

  4. Kim says:

    Great list…some very common sense tips that we just don’t think about on a daily basis, but we should because we’d be better off if we did them AND many of them are so easy to do

  5. cori says:

    Something I’m doing is not a gratitude journal, but more of a positive journal. I try to write down at least 2-3 positive things that happened during the day. Stuff that made me smile, good things, compliments, etc.

    • Karen says:

      What a beautiful idea. By doing that I can see how you may be on the look out for positive things in your day. Love that. Might have to try that as well. Thanks for stopping by.

  6. jessie says:

    Great list! As someone who has kicked the healthy-living up a few notches in the last couple years, I can relate to a lot of these. “Guard your health as a precious treasure.” <—- because it really is. I guard mine and my husband, daughter and daughter-to-be's health just the same. 🙂

    • Karen says:

      Heather, you can do it. Start with what you can say yes too, don’t do it all at once. The no’s will come along when you crowd out them with good things. Thanks for stopping by.

  7. Nicole says:

    Such a great list! As a mom, there are so many of these that I have let go but that I am working to get back to or incorporate. Definitely trying to find a mom-work-life balance! Very helpful information.

    • Karen says:

      Mom-work-life balance can be very difficult, but so important that you take care of your health in order to do all that you need to do while feeling your best. Focus on what is important to you. Let go of the rest.

    • Karen says:

      Yes, absolutely. I love that different “truths” appeal to different people because we are all at different stages in our lives as we move toward optimal health.

  8. Emma says:

    Nourishing foods, daily movement, and plenty of sleep. Yes, yes, and yes! This has made such a huge difference for me recently! Love this!

    • Karen says:

      Looks like you need to keep changing things up in your health routines so you don’t get bored. That is good to know about yourself in order to keep healthy living.

  9. Wow, these are great and so practical. My downfall is the lack of passion for that healthy lifestyle. I’ve got myself convinced that everything else is the priority. Thanks for your input!

    • Karen says:

      What can you do to find your passion….find a new superfood that is delicious, read a great book that pumps you up, try a new routine for a workout, or develop a “why” sometimes the why is the hardest part. Thanks for stopping by. Love hearing your thoughts.

    • Karen says:

      Thank you. Yes consistency is so important such that if you miss a day, the #1 thing you should have on your list of thing to do that day is what you missed so no 2 days are skipped.

  10. I totally agree with the importance of developing a passion for living an optimally health life.Thank you so much for sharing 30 Truths for Healthy Living with us on the Healthy Happy Green and Natural Party Blog Hop. I’m pinning and sharing.

  11. Aurora James says:

    I really enjoyed reading your post. There are so many good tips here. The one I would add is to focus on building your self-compassion. Be kind to yourself, rather than critical, even when you mess up or are hurting, can enhance your ability to practice so many of the other tips.

    • Karen says:

      Aurora, thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. Yes, I agree that self-compassion can definitely help you do many of the others. Remember you are enough. Hugs.

  12. Janet says:

    Thanks for sharing some great health truths here. I always struggle to kep up the momentum if I’m honest.

    Thanks for linking up to #AnythingGoes


    • Karen says:

      Yes, that is the main thing most women face. That is why I am rolling out a new program, Healthy & Fit so that you have the support you need to make healthy changes long term. Hope you share with someone you know that might need this support.

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