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What’s Happening – May 2016

Here is what is happening at home and Inner Savvy Wellness. 2016 is flying by.  Spring is in the air in North Dakota.  We have had 90-degree weather one day, and two days later. it is below 30 degrees.  I was hoping to put away my winter coat, but I think I will wait until …

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Things Saving That are Saving Me Right Now - Inner Savvy Wellness

Things Saving My Life Right Now

First thing that comes to your mind….what are you struggling with right now? I bet you were able to list a few things without even hesitating.  Now what comes to your mind when I say “things that are saving you right now?”  Did it take you longer to come up with something? Anne Bogel, Modern …

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What’s Happening – January 2016

It is a New Year.  2016…will it be a fantastic year or just a mediocre year?  You get to decide how it starts.  Not everything is in your control, but how you react and what your attitude is toward the events makes all the difference.  I totally believe it will be an amazing year. Here …

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What’s Happening – December 2015

December, the most joyous, yet stressful time of the year.  Normal life continues, yet, we all are expected to prepare for the holidays…Christmas and New Years. Plus the days are short and the sun is low, and it can bring stress and anxiety.  I hope you find time to plan your December to try to …

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What’s Happening – November 2015

November.  The days are growing shorter. The air is cool. Nights get below freezing. We have seen snowflakes, but no snow has settled on the ground.  Winter feels near in the upper Midwest. Here is what’s happening at my home and Inner Savvy Wellness. Creating a Favorite Holiday Recipes E-book with other Health Coaches. Watch …

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What’s Happening – September 2015

September always starts out with hot temperatures in the northern plains, but then one weekend during the month it will get really cold and you know fall has arrived. We can even get snow. Right now I am enjoying the warm days, cool evenings and my garden. Here is what’s happening at my home and …

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