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Eat a Healthy Breakfast & Start Your Day Off Right

Don’t just eat any food for breakfast, make it healthy by including proteins, healthy fats, and complex carbs. A complete, healthy breakfast will give you the energy you need for a busy day.

5 Healthy Breakfast Recipes | Quick Breakfasts Healthy EatingWhen I wrote 7 Simple Strategies for a Healthy Holiday Season, I probably should have made it 8 strategies and included eating a healthy breakfast. When I start working with a client, she usually has one of two issues that she needs to fix immediately.

Two Breakfast Problems to Fix for Your Health

First, she may skip breakfast.  This is not a good idea. A small percentage of the population may be able to do this, but by far, the majority of women must eat breakfast.  After a night of ‘fasting’, your body needs to have fuel to start working.  Food provides fuel for your cells, your brain, your organs to work properly.  Plus when most people skip breakfast, they usually make up those calories at lunch and snacking, and it usually means eating low-quality foods.  The hormones in your body are telling you, they need fuel. You feel sluggish, and you reach for a quick pick me up.  That usually is a high sugar food or drink.

I strongly encourage you to eat a good breakfast.

Healthy Breakfast Alternatives | Stop eating sugar for breakfast

The second thing I see is she eats a quick, high, simple carb, high sugar breakfast.  Again, this is not a good idea.  Your body, after the night ‘fast’, needs proteins, healthy fats, and complex carbs to fuel the energy your cells need to do their jobs.

A bagel, piece of toast, pop tart, even a bowl of cereal are mostly sugars and carbs.  This may give you a boost of energy as your blood sugar rises, but an hour or two later you will feel the crash and be reaching for something else to raise your blood sugar again.  Roller coaster blood sugar levels wreak havoc on your cells and can lead to diabetes and other chronic conditions. Controlling your blood sugar is an important thing to do in order to allow your body to function properly.  Starting out with a good breakfast can be a great start to balance.

If you have followed my blog at all you know that I love this breakfast by Carrie Brown for many of my healthy breakfasts or packing on the go. However, it is important to eat a variety of foods.

Since most of us have busy days packed with to-dos from the moment we wake until we drop exhausted, I have created a beautiful PDF with 5 breakfast ideas you can make quickly. If you are in a pinch for time, you can still find a way to eat a good, healthy breakfast.  Even if you aren’t in a pinch, several of these are my go-to’s, like a green smoothie.

Download your Breakfast in a Pinch: 5 Quick, Easy, Healthy Breakfasts to Enjoy In a Pinch.  These breakfasts are easy to make, healthy, and tasty.  Made with easy ingredients.  You will be starting out your day with the fuel your body needs to do its job…make and keep you healthy and fit.

Tell me what your favorite breakfast is in the comments below.

5 Healthy Breakfast Recipes | Quick Breakfasts Healthy Eating

Click on the image or fill in the form below to get your copy now.

5 Healthy Breakfast Recipes | Quick Breakfasts Healthy Eating
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  1. Tamuria says:

    Eating breakfast is so important. When I skip it I really do tend to eat more bad foods throughout the day. I like Vegemite on toast ( such an Aussie choice) or poached eggs. If I’m in a real hurry, I grab a banana.

    • Karen says:

      I have to admit I have never tasted Vegemite and only have Lucille Ball to credit for what little I know of it. Add a little nut butter to your banana for some protein and healthy fat.

  2. I have to laugh, Karen, one of the hardest things for me to give up was my morning bagel 🙂 Still miss it! But that sugar surge in my system did a number on me. And I have to say, I feel SO much better without it!

  3. Lori English says:

    Thanks for a great article on healthy eating and breakfast. I always eat it and it starts with a glass and granola. It is the most important-meal to get me going to work and a good day.

    Lori English

    • Karen says:

      Great to hear you eat breakfast. I hope you add some protein to your oatmeal, things like a protein powder or even pumpkin seeds. Keep enjoying breakfast.

    • Karen says:

      Yes, you are so right that people actually look at most of the foods they eat for breakfast as healthy, but they aren’t when they really are a glorified candy bar or other sweet treat.

  4. Sonya Kolodziejska says:

    Loving these. I am all about starting the day right. I always have a homemade protein shake every morning and very occasionally a naughty breakfast, but still involves fruit and natural yogurt. Tomorrow we’ll have waffles, but i will have natural yogurt and fruit with mine.

    • Karen says:

      Glad you are loving the ideas and that you work to start your day out right. No one should expect to be “perfect”. I am not, but an 80/20 rule is a good thing.

  5. Meghan Monaghan says:

    We have either a protein shake or a green smoothie for breakfast. I prefer the protein shake because I notice a big boost of energy after drinking it versus the green smoothie. The latter is probably healthier in many ways, but it seems that the protein is winning out over the detoxing! Sugar is so terrible for everyone, and it’s in nearly everything. We’ve drastically reduced our consumption of it, but I still do have a “treat” once a day. 😉 Great tips!

    • Karen says:

      Meghan have you thought to add protein powder into your green smoothie? That way you have the nutrients of the green smoothie but still have the protein your need. Congrats on reducing your use of sugar. Your body will thank you.

  6. Jackie Harder says:

    I have half a loaf of pita bread (whole wheat) with a slice of cheddar cheese and a half glass of skim milk. Gets me going in the morning — along with my coffee!

  7. Robin says:

    Guilty:( I really needed this, as I “mean to” eat breakfast, but sit down to begin my day, and soon I am reaching for snacks. I WILL commit to eating breakfast to myself – starting with a boiled egg.

  8. When I was young, I rarely ate breakfast. Maybe a habit I learned from my mother, who at 100 is still active and spry and still doesn’t eat breakfast. She is an anomaly, so isn’t the best example. Personally I eat full-fat yogurt (organic) with a pure whey protein powder plus either a banana or some other fruit like berries. That is enough to keep to feeling satiated and energized generally until I have a snack mid-day and then my high-protein dinner around 6. I rarely eat grains, so most of my carbs come from fruits and veggies! Thanks, Karen, for reminding us all that breakfast is key to our overall health!

  9. Too many folks are skipping breakfast… my kids do too and I get on them for that… but I usually have a shake. I do love my bread but work on getting a high fiber and low sugar one if I do.

  10. Alene Geed says:

    For the past several months I have started the day with unsweetened yoghurt, blueberries or raspberries mixed in. And unsweetened coconut. It really seems to give me a jumpstart

    • Karen says:

      Alene, glad you are paying attention to how eating yogurt and fruit feels to your body. The yogurt has protein, and the coconut is your healthy fat. Keep at it to give you body what it needs for an energetic day.

  11. This is such an important reminder. When people track the difference between when they begin to feel tired after a sugary breakfast and a protein breakfast, they really learn how important it is to fuel with protein and healthy carbs. It is so sad to see so many parents send their children off to school after a breakfast of sugar (cereal). Hope this blog finds its way to those who really need it!

  12. For years I did actually regard breakfast as my most important meal of the day and was usually careful of the things I would eat (except for the occasional craving for pancakes). I have (unintentionally) been skipping breakfast for approximately three months now and, surprisingly, it has not appeared to have made a bit of difference. Go figure.

    • Karen says:

      That is good to know. It may be that you are in a habit mode of all the other things in your life that are going well for your health so you are conscious of not eating poorly at other times. It may be a stage you are going through. Just know that if you notice a difference, then go back to eating breakfast. Best always to pay attention to what your body wants.

  13. Thanks for sharing these great breakfast tips. Breakfast is my FAVORITE meal of the day and my favorite type of food to eat any time of day! I agree that skipping breakfast hurts us and it’s important to eat the RIGHT foods.

  14. I sometimes struggle with breakfast. I’m a brunch lover. I don’t like to eat when I first get up – rather I prefer to wait an hour or two and then eat. But I’ve been trying to make myself eat at least within half an hour of getting up. I’ve been doing a bowl of oatmeal to make it easy.

    • Karen says:

      It is ok not to eat immediately when you first get up. Drinking a glass of water with lemon juice can help your body start out right then a little later breakfast.

  15. Lorii Abela says:

    Yes, I try to avoid these things in the morning. The irony is that these types of food are the ones that are being introduced everywhere – in restaurants, in grocery isles, in airlines, etc. Healthy food is more expensive than these crappy food.

    • Karen says:

      Yes and no to the expense. I have found as my body got used to eating nutritious food, I no longer eat as much. Therefore my grocery bill is about the same. That makes me happy, supporting the good food and not hurting my wallet.

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