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Simple & Effective Way to Fight Colds and Flu Naturally

It is that time of year when everyone seems to be getting sick.  You go out into the public, and you hear sniffling and coughing.  What can you do to fight colds and flu naturally now or any time of the year?

Fight Colds and Flu Naturally | Wet Socks to Bed | Natural Treatment of Colds & Flu

It is important to support your immune system with good, nutritious food, plenty of sleep, and daily exercise every day.  Taking Vitamin D supplement can also help you fight off illnesses.  However, even if you are doing all you can to have a healthy, balanced body, you can still come done with a cold or flu.

What is a Simple Way to Fight Colds and Flu Naturally?

At the first sign of a cold or flu, use the wet sock therapy.

The wet sock therapy is something my family discovered a few years ago and now, even my young adult boys know to do this therapy at the first sign of illness.  Not long ago my college son called home, and I could hear he was stuffy.  I asked if he was sick.  He said he was. Before I could ask, he said, “And yes, I wore my socks to bed.”  Ah, sometimes they do listen.

Even if you do this therapy, continue to use other natural methods of treating colds and flu as well.  Get plenty of rest.  Check out this homeopathy remedy.  Drink good bone broth. Take Vitamin C and echinacea or elderberry syrup

Fight Colds and Flu Naturally | Wet Socks to Bed | Natural Treatment of Colds & Flu

What You Need for Wet Sock Therapy

  • Thin Cotton Socks
  • Thick Wool Socks
  • Water
  • Essential Oils (Optional)

Wet Sock Therapy

  1. Begin by getting your supplies ready by a bathroom sick right before you go to sleep.
  2. Run the thin, cotton socks under water.  Most experts will tell you to use cold water, but I find that any temperature water works. Do what is comfortable to you.
  3. Wring the socks out.  They should be damp.
  4. Sit down. If using an essential oil blend such as frankincense or an immune boosting blend, rub the carrier oil/essential oil on the soles of your feet. This is optional.
  5. Put the damp, cotton socks on.
  6. Pull the thick wool socks on over the thin socks.
  7. Go to bed.
  8. Make sure you don’t get chilled.
  9. Leave the socks on overnight. The socks will be dry in the morning
  10. Continue doing the wet sock therapy every night until your body has fought off the illness.

Why This Treatment Works to Fight Colds and Flu Naturally

When you sleep your body is hard at work detoxing and repairing.  Daytime functions of the body slow down.  One theory is that your blood circulation slows, partly due to sleeping and partly due to being in a horizontal position.  With less circulation, you have less of your immune cells in your circulating to fight off the foreign invaders.

When your feet are damp, this forces your body to continue to circulate the blood at a faster rate to regulate your body temperature.  You will find that not everyone believes this theory.  But whatever the reason, it works for our family.  Even if we aren’t able to stop the cold or flu, the duration seems to be short and the severity less.

Our family decided that it doesn’t hurt anything to do this, so why not.

For the best results, you should do the wet socks treatment at the first sign of illness.  If you wait until the cold or flu has set in, it doesn’t seem to be as effective.

If you are at home during the day, you could even do this therapy during a nap.

This is a great at-home treatment for minor conditions. It should not be used for more critical conditions. If you are the least bit concerned about cold or flu symptoms, give your physician a call.

Have you tried wet socks to bed?  Tell me what you think?  If you haven’t tried it, are you willing to?

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Fight Colds and Flu Naturally | Wet Socks to Bed | Natural Treatment of Colds & Flu
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