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Healthy Living Reading Challenge 2016 - Inner Savvy Wellness

Healthy Living Reading Challenge – January 2016

Healthy Living Reading Challenge 2016 - Inner Savvy Wellness

This month I started my Healthy Living Reading Challenge with the first category, a book I have been meaning to read.  A health coach friend of mine, Linda Berge-Lind, M.Sc. wrote a book on energy last year.  Just knowing her, I knew this book would be good, but I never seemed to get to it. This challenge pushed me to get this book read. I am glad I did.

Endless Energy: From Surviving to THRIVING: The 6 Simple Steps to Improve YOUR Quality of Life, Health and Happiness is a fantastic book for the beginner into healthy living.

Linda outlines 6 steps to helping yourself focus on healthy living, so you can have endless energy.  The tips within each step are easy to follow and implement.  It is a quick read that is organized in such a way that it will be easy to go back to for inspiration as someone makes changes to their life.

Endless Energy Step #1 is Awareness.  She provides an awareness journal for you to use in order to track how you a feel and how you improve as you make the changes within. The book is worth getting just to be able to have the awareness journal.

The book continues with tips on food, life balance, and gut health with several resources for you to use to enhance your understanding and implementation.

Another important step that is outlined is Step #5: Evening Routines.  Linda states, “How you spend the last few hours before bedtime is essential in the quality and quantity of your sleep, and how easy you fall asleep and wake up.  Sleep is not just something we need in order to have energy the next morning.  Sleep is essential for all vital functions of your body, and many critical bodily activities during sleep.” This seems so simple. Yet I have found that although my clients know this, they think they can skip this step.  They can get by on little sleep.  In order to make any improvement in health, sleep must be a priority.  That can’t be repeated enough.

Endless Energy closes with the Step #6 Positive Mindset and a couple of yummy recipes that much be tried.  If you are gluten free, you will have to get this book for the Gluten Free and Dairy Free Bread recipe.

If you have been trying to eat better and move more to feel better, but really aren’t sure how or get sucked back into your old habits after a few days of trying, Endless Energy is for you. It takes the intimidation out of beginning living with energy.  It is a healthy living, beginner’s guide for motivation and fact-based information on how to take small steps to live your optimal life with energy.

I also read Super Genes by Deepak Chopra, M.D. and Rudolph E. Tanzi, Ph.D. for my local book club. I would rate this a 4 out 5.  Quite interesting to read about our genes and epigenetics. (Our diet and lifestyle, as well as our past effect the expression of our genes.) The book is worth reading even if you are not interested in learning about your genes. Part Two discusses lifestyle choices for radical well-being.  The authors give suggested easy, a little more difficult, and harder options to incorporate into your life in the areas of diet, stress, exercise, meditation, sleep and emotions.  As you know I stress diet, movement, sleep and stress reduction in living a healthy lifestyle.

Fascinating Quotes from Super Genes (Words in parenthesis are mine):

“Nothing is more remarkable than the human body.  It changes dynamically with every experience, responding with perfect precision to life’s challenges–if only we let it.” page 99 (Yes, we get in our own way by pushing our bodies too hard, feeding it toxins, and then not listening to what it is telling us.)

“If in the twentieth-century we spent most of our time figuring out how to fight microbes, in the twenty-first century we are focusing on how to harmoniously coexist with them.” page 266 (No more killing every ‘bug’ in our system.  Many are there to help us.)

“Homeostasis is as complex as you are….As you think, feel, dream, imagine, remember, and learn form the past while anticipating and planning for the future, your body must accommodate it all in the present while never sacrificing its self-interest, which is to survive, if not thrive, and remain healthy.” page 233.  (We think our bodies are betraying us, but in fact, they are doing what they can to be in homeostasis–balance.  They are protecting us as best they can with what we give it.)

“The mind-body connection is so flexible that it can adapt, not just to adversity but also to perversity–the perversity of turning your back on what Nature has designed you to do, which is to remain in balance.  When we submit our bodies to toxins, push them to the point of exhaustion, and ignore their signals of distress, we are flouting the wisdom inside every cell.” page 22. (I would change the word Nature to God.)

Two healthy living books read in January. I would recommend both of them.

Have you read either of these books?  If so, what did you think?  If not, will you add them to your to-be-read list?

Comment below with the book you read or are reading this month for the Healthy Living Reading Challenge. You can still get your printable for the challenge here.

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  1. Kimberlee says:

    Stopping by from Lets Get Real link party. The Endless Energy book sounds like a good one – I will have to add that to my list of books to read.

  2. Reading health information and surrounding yourself with healthy people is a wonderful way to keep focused on healthy living. This challenge is a great idea. Having enough energy to do everything I want to do is always an issued. Your friend’s book sounds like a great one to check out.

    • Karen G says:

      Glad to have blogs like yours to read to keep encouraging people as well. Sometimes it is a flood of information, but so important to have it or it is easy to let our health slip.

  3. The quotes you shared here contain a lot of food for thought! And I love how you commented that you’d change Nature to God – that bumped up my trust for your perspective a whole lot right there! Love having you as a part of Booknificent Thursday!

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