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Healthy Living Reading Challenge – July 2016

How are you doing on reading for the Healthy Living Reading Challenge?

Healthy Living Reading Challenge - Start Here by Eric Langshur | Inner Savvy Wellness

For July I have been reading but not reading health books.  Sometimes I go through streaks of reading other topics.  This time, it was Christian living books. As you can see I was a little slow in finishing the book, but I am ok with that.  Still am reading books and am moving forward on the healthy living reading challenge.  It is all good. My local book club didn’t meet during July.

Start Here: Master the Lifelong Habit of Wellbeing - Eric Langshur and Nate Klemp | Inner Savvy Wellness

For the Healthy Living Reading Challenge, I chose Start Here: Master the Lifelong Habit of Wellbeing by Eric Langshur and Nate Kemp, PhD. It fit the last category, a book published in 2016.

The system in this book is broken into three main categories of Train, Be and Do that were developed by studying ancient wisdom and combining it with modern neuroscience. Within each are three more categories:
Meditation, Movement & Inquiry

Presence, Gratitude, & Compassion

Engagement, Relationships & Contribution

The book goes through what to do in each of the areas, and then puts it all together for life training in living and being all you can be to be healthy.  I found the book practical and easy to follow.  It focuses on creating cues to remember to practice each of the habits, so they become second nature. Exactly what I do and believe is what they state that works to change what you do on a daily basis.  When you have cues to remind you, it becomes easier to do what you need to do for your wellbeing.  LIFE XT is what the entire training system for wellbeing is called.

Here are a few favorite quotes from the book with my thoughts after the quotes.

“…meditation delivers additional compelling benefits key to our performance in most life activities and our overall functioning, including: increased focus, decreased mind wandering, enhanced pain tolerance, and slower mental aging.” page 45.  Who doesn’t want these benefits?  I am still hit and miss with my meditation practice, but I continue to keep trying.

“The optimal state of being arises from questioning the mind and letting go of what we think we know.” page 79.  Wow, that statement hit me.  What do I think I know? What am I holding on to?  How is my pride keeping me from moving forward in my own wellbeing?

“But the real goal of meditation isn’t to get rid of pain and maximize pleasure. True progress is learning to experience fear, sadness, worry, and other painful states, along with more pleasurable states, from a more welcoming, open, and mindful place.  In the end, it is the ability to be with whatever is arising–not the fleeting experience of pleasure–that cultivates happiness and wellbeing.” page 56.  Made me think about what I was trying to get out of meditation. It also reminded me that all emotions are good.  God created our emotions, and we shouldn’t try to not experience them.  Learning to be in the moment and being ok, that is my goal.

“…engagement erased the many distractions of the mind. It offered a rare opportunity to dive so deeply into the object of his focus…that everything else fell away.”  Page 176.  I want to be engaged in what I do.  The day I read that, I paid attention to how engaged I was.  Most of the time, I was doing and thinking of other things.  I wasn’t really engaged.  The book gives ideas on how to practice engagement. 

If you are interested in tools to create habits for wellbeing I would check out this book.

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