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Healthy Living Reading Challenge – June 2016

How are you doing on reading for the Healthy Living Reading Challenge?

Healthy Living Reading Challenge | Inner Savvy Wellness
Half of 2016 is almost behind us. If you have been reading one book a month for this challenge you have already finished 6 books on healthy living.  Hopefully, you are using some of what you learned to live a healthy life. If not, you still have 6 months left 6 more books. Think of what you will learn by the end of the year. Let’s get reading.

For the Healthy Living Reading Challenge, I chose a book on mindset, Thin from Within: The Powerful Self-Coaching Program For Permanent Weight Loss by Joseph J. Luciani, Ph.D.

The summary states this book “explores the emotional triggers and ingrained behaviors driving overindulgence.”  What I enjoyed the most about this book was the practical things suggested to deal with emotional eating issues.  The first tool is to learn awareness as to what you are thinking and whether it is fact or fiction.  This really is the first step for any change.  We tend to think our thoughts are facts, but if you pay attention you will see that most of your thoughts really aren’t.

“I need to eat now.” Do you really?

“I must have a snack?”  Again is this true?

“I am starving.” Are you really?

Many times we eat for comfort or for no reason at all.  Stopping to see why you ate, even after you have eaten, then writing it down, gives you facts to work with. I have been using a food journal for the past week.  Am I perfect in writing everything down? No. But it has given me insight as to my snacking, which is an area I want to improve.  I have always known I eat when I am frustrated, antsy or stuck.  I am seeing it even more clearly. I have only been taking steps for a week and already I am seeing changes.  Awareness for me and then reviewing it is key.

Here are a few favorite quotes from the book.

“When it comes to permanent weight loss and lifelong weight mastery, your mind, not your mouth, is the problem.” page 2.  So many times we focus on what we are eating, but the why can be the silver bullet to making the healthy changes you want.

“Lifelong weight mastery has three enemies: adverse circumstances, harmful emotions, and destructive habit.” page 24.  Mr. Luciani addresses these issues throughout the rest of the book.  Finding out what your triggers are, how are you feeling when you eat, and what habits come from the triggers and feelings can be eye-opening and lead to mastery over what is making you overeat or eat junk.

“Cravings and impulses are time limited. They do not last forever!” page 68.  I really have been paying attention to my cravings and realize they do go away when I do something else that is self-care. I could go sit outside to pet my dog or color a small image.  Whatever it is, the thought of food does go away.

“There is nothing wrong with you. There never was. You may reflexively balk at these statements, especially if insecurity has been calling the shots, but they happen to be irrefutable.  Beyond current dissatisfactions and superficial perceptions, there is a you who happens to be inviolate. (something sacred or pure that it must not be violated.)” page 104. Wow, spend some time with this statement until you see the truth. No matter what you have done, how you look, or how you feel you are inviolate. Start working on believing that today.

I thoroughly enjoyed and learned from this book.  I would recommend it.

This month my local healthy living book club read Why Meditate? Working with Thought and Emotions by Matthieu Ricard. This book is about the theory, spirituality and practical aspects of meditation. This book had great tips and ideas to try, but when reading it for a book club, you can’t really sit with the ideas or try them out. I have pages marked to go back and try.

Some of my favorite quotes from the book.

“You don’t try to learn the basics of navigation in the thick of a storm; you learn them in good weather on a calm sea.  In the same way, it is best in the beginning to meditate in a quiet place where there is space for the mind to develop clarity and stability.” page 33.  I have tried to meditate in noisy places, but for me I need quiet.  I have enough distractions without noise.

“The sensation of pain…can be made much worse when we anticipate it or anxiously try to suppress it.  At such a moment the mildest of pains can become intolerable. Chronic pain can be made much more bearable by changing our attitude toward it and imbuing it with some meaning. page 95.  I definitely believe this.  I have experienced it.  When my pain has meaning, it is much more bearable.  When I anticipate it, it seems so much worse. Allowing it to come, and letting it go for a purpose helps with pain.  How can you find meaning in your pain? For me, I unite my pain with Christ’s, and it makes all the difference.

“Mediation teaches us how to deal with bursts of malicious anger or jealousy, with waves of uncontrolled desire and irrational fears.  It frees us from the tyranny of mental states that obscure our judgment and are the source of constant distress. page 107.  Meditation has many physical benefits, but if it is only for these emotional benefits, practicing meditation is worth it.

This was an ok book.  Slowly going back to try some of the meditation ideas. Not my favorite, but not a bad book.

I have been reading in the evening out on my deck and have read 10 books already this month. Below are two books that got a 5-star rating from me, in case you want to read something other than healthy living books.

Glory Over Everything: Beyond the Kitchen House by Kathleen Grissom Loved it just as much as her first book, The Kitchen House

Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers

What are you reading now? It doesn’t have to be a healthy living book. Comment below if you recommend your current read or not?

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  1. GiGi Eats says:

    When I lived at home with my parents, I used to read LOADS of health/nutrition books because my mom has 124734823849832 of them! And I spend a lot of time on the elliptical trainer, haha! Now… Well, I don’t have access to those books and the internet is where I do a bulk of my reading/research. I do kind of miss books though. I honestly can’t really remember the last time I read one!

    • Karen says:

      Hi GiGi, I can’t live without my books. I do a ton of research and reading online, but there is something about a book for me that is stress-reducing. Hope you find time to read a book again.

  2. Unaiza @ AimzFolio says:

    Wow, this is just an amazing concept for me! Healthy living reading challenge wow 😀 Thanks for recommending the book too. Gonna try that.

  3. I’ve just recently been reading Teresa Tapp’s book about exercise. I learned a lot from it and have finally gotten into a good routine of exercise! Thanks for sharing this at the Booknificent Thursday link-up on Mommynificent.com this week!

    • Karen says:

      Tina, glad you found something that works for you. There are many resources out there, it can take time to find something but when it clicks it does. Congrats on getting an exercise routine down for now. Have fun and thanks for hosting.

  4. Michelle says:

    What an incentive to live healthy and quite a challenge. I always say to folks, we have no excuses to not live a healthy lifestyle – there is a book on doing so on every topic, Thanks for sharing on Book Wino and I’ll be sharing this on FB today as my pick of the day.

  5. Karen says:

    Thanks, Michelle, looking forward to watching and participating when I can on your link up. The problem for most people is not a lack of information, it is the know-how to incorporate healthy living into their daily living.

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