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Healthy Reading Challenge – February 2016

Healthy Living Reading Challenge February | Inner Savvy Wellness

Your thinking and how your view your health and age effects your health.

The second month of 2016 has flown by even with having one extra day due to Leap Year.  Do you secretly love the fact you get an extra day this year or do you dread it because it just means more work? I love the extra day.

This month I chose A Book Someone Recommended to Me.  You don’t have to follow the list in order, but I really wanted to read this book that a friend through Functional Diagnostic Nutrition recommended I read Change Your Thinking, Change Your Shape: Discover the Secret Mindset of People in Amazing Shape by Ben Wilson

This book focuses on your thinking about healthy living more than what to eat or how much to exercise.  Our minds are so powerful.  If our minds are not in line with what our goals are, we self-sabotage.  The book is organized first by discussing the fundamentals of changing your mind and body, as well as blocks to our success.  The core of the book is on the 10 core principles of people who are in amazing shape.  Each section ends with behavior change exercises that you can perform. This is where the value of this book is.  Practice these exercises to help you change your thinking, change your shape.  The book ends with how to get into shape.  This section needed a little more meat. It is just over 20 pages.  To truly make this a 5 star book, this section should have been expanded.

I think everyone will find value in this book by reading about the 4 stages of health on page 94. Mr. Wilson purports this progression of health: good health, poor health, ill-health, and serious ill-health.  Most people I meet are in poor health and think it is normal, but it isn’t. If you start making changes during this state of health, it is easiest to prevent the progression to chronic ill-health.  Many women I have spoken to have poor energy and functioning, skin problems, hormone problems and yet medical test show everything is ‘normal’.  Feeling this way may be common in our modern society, but it is not normal.  These are sub-clinical symptoms that are showing a progression toward sub-par health.  If you are in this stage, take your symptoms seriously even if your doctor does not and get help from a health coach or even a functional medicine physician.

One of my favorites quotes is on page 144: “If you want to get into amazing shape and stay there long-term you can not view your health and fitness behaviors as an effort. Everything needs to become natural and something you want to do.” This is so true.  The areas I struggle with still are because I still don’t have my thinking correct.  However, those things that are normal are easy and actually bring me joy to follow.  Changed thought allows for changed behavior.

Another quote I love is short and sweet on page 158: “If getting in shape is important to you then start acting like it is.”  I have written before about making your health a priority.

Finally Ben articulates what I try to tell women about optimal health on page 176: “The opposite of resentment is wanting, inspiration and desire.  You should aim to want to do something because it inspires you and fills you full of excitement and energy.  People in amazing shape do not resent exercising–they want to do it….Life seems easier for these people because they are not battling resentment towards these behaviors. They are choosing to do them.”

Ben does give a 15 week plan to achieving success at the end of the book.  If you need detailed steps, this section will leave you wanting, but if you just want a map, check out this book and start making changes to your thinking and health today.

My local book club read Goddesses Never Age: The Secret Prescription for Radiance, Vitality and Well-being by Dr. Christiane Northrup. For a simple summary Dr. Northrup does not believe we should age gracefully.  She believes we should move through life with spunk and vigor.  Simple things from never telling your age because people they have preconceived notions of what you can and can not do to practical things on sleep and sex can be found in this book.  It was a fun book to read.

Some favorite quotes:

“A life devoid of movement, sleep and nourishing food is draining and will age you quickly as it over taxes your immune, endocrine, and central nervous systems.  I consider sleep my number-one medicine.”  Why we continue to think that living a healthy life takes so much time, is something we need to address.  Being sick is what is draining and tiring.  You don’t have time to be sick, so get your sleep, eat well and move.

“…The body is a marvelous creation designed by the Creator to be in a continual state of regeneration and repair to keep all its systems humming.  Cells are constantly replacing themselves with healthy ones.  Your body is designed to intervene with the disease process at every point and to prevent, slow down, and reverse this process to restore you to natural state of health.” Do you think your body is betraying you?  It isn’t. Your body really is designed to be in balance.  It does what it needs to in order to achieve homeostasis with what food, movement sleep and stress you give your body and mind.  Yes things go wrong, but there is so much we can do to support our body in its natural processes of optimal health.

Two healthy living books read in February. I would recommend both books.

Have you read either of these books?  If so, what did you think?  If not, will you add them to your to-be-read list?

Comment below with the book you read or are reading this month for the Healthy Living Reading Challenge. You can still get your printable for the challenge here.
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  1. Hadia says:

    I am really enjoying your posts, Karen. Though change is hard, especially when it comes to create healthy new habits or even changing your thinking. Change your thinking and change your shape sounds like a great book. Thank you for introducing it to us.

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