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My Favorite Posts of 2015

My Favorite Posts of 2015 - Inner Savvy Wellness Blog

My guess is you are busy trying to finish last-minute Christmas plans of decorating, gift buying and wrapping, and preparing for your Christmas meals.  It can be a crazy, busy time of year, but you do need to take time for relaxing and de-stressing.  If not, Christmas will come and go without you truly enjoying the meaning and special-ness of the time.

Make a cup of herbal tea, sit and relax and enjoy a few of my favorite posts since I began this blog six months ago.  These aren’t necessarily the most popular posts since at the beginning very few people even knew about this little blog.  However, these are the ones I enjoyed writing and/or I got some direct feedback. No particular order. Here goes…

Healthy Habits Learned form Zeus, the Puppy - Inner Savvy Wellness
Healthy Habits I Learned from Zeus, the Puppy  “We have spent a lot of time with Zeus, helping him adjust to our family.  It has given me an excuse to spend lovely North Dakota evenings outside.  As I have watched him, I realized he was teaching me a health habit or two.”

Living to short? Inner Savvy Wellness
Living to short?  “Well I might as well eat and do what I want because I don’t want to live forever…The thought of living well beyond all of my friends and family sounds very lonely.  That is not my goal.  My goal is to live the life that I do have with energy, pain-free as possible, feeling great, and attacking life with vitality and enthusiasm.”

7 Obstacles to Achieving Your Health Goals - Inner Savvy Wellness
7 Obstacles to Achieving Your Health Goals  “It is easy to make excuses about why you aren’t achieving your health goals, but there probably are legitimate reasons why you continually fall short of getting to where you want to be.”

Develop Healthy 'Dos' - Inner Savvy Wellness
Get Rid of the Health ‘Shoulds’ and Develop Healthy ‘Dos’ “When are your “shoulds” going to become “dos”?  When are you going to stop letting those “shoulds” have power over your life? When are you going to decide that now is the time…I am a healthy person, and I am going to live a healthy life now.”

Are You Waiting for 'But When?' - Inner Savvy Wellness
Are You Waiting for ‘But When…?’  “The fear and confusion that comes with not feeling well can be paralyzing.  The fear that we have to change something. The confusion of where do we start.  Both keep us doing what we have always being doing when it comes to what we eat, how much we move, how we handle stress and how much of a priority we put on sleep.”

8 Simple Practices to Begin Your Day - Inner Savvy Wellness
8 Simple Practices to Begin Your Day “Did you know that the way you get up and what you do for the first 30 minutes to an hour after you get up can give you the energy and positive attitude you need for the remainder of the day?”

Merry Christmas

Thank you for reading my blog and signing up for email notices.  It truly makes my day to know there are others out there who want to be inspired to take control of your own health.

May you have a blessed Christmas with family and friends.  And don’t forget to practice some self-care. Stop, take a deep breath, and enjoy.
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  1. Mistle says:

    Congrats on blogging for 6 months! How exciting. I always feel like I learn new things from my dogs everyday. They are the best. I look forward to reading your other posts. Good luck with your blog in 2016!

    • Karen G says:

      Thank you. I have really enjoyed blogging and am looking forward to a lot of new ideas and friends that I will make through the blog. I appreciate your commenting. Makes my day.

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