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Healthy Living Reading Challenge – May 2016

How are you doing on reading for the Healthy Living Reading Challenge? I have had a little more time for reading in May.  A few nights I have sat on the back deck and read while enjoying our dog.  Very relaxing after long days.  Nice to do it before it gets too hot, and mosquitoes …

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What’s Happening – May 2016

Here is what is happening at home and Inner Savvy Wellness. 2016 is flying by.  Spring is in the air in North Dakota.  We have had 90-degree weather one day, and two days later. it is below 30 degrees.  I was hoping to put away my winter coat, but I think I will wait until …

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Health Living Reading Challenge – April 2016

How are you doing on reading on the Healthy Living Reading Challenge? April has been a good month. I moving on toward my final practical for my FDN training.  My son and I finished up his junior year of high school. We are so ready for summer.  I still found time for reading. For the …

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Savvy Health Round Up #6

Savvy Health Round Up is a list of blog posts or information I that you might be interested in reading.  It will be available once or twice a month right here on Inner Savvy Wellness Blog. Let’s get to it. Food & Diet Seven Deadly Diseases Rooted in Your Gut Microbiome demonstrates that what you eat can make a …

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Healthy Reading Challenge – March 2016

How are you doing on reading for the Healthy Living Reading Challenge? Another month is almost gone. One fourth of 2016 is almost in the history books.  The weather is constantly changing.  We have had weather of 70+ degrees and as low as in the single digits.  We have had sun and gorgeous days. We …

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What’s Happening – September 2015

September always starts out with hot temperatures in the northern plains, but then one weekend during the month it will get really cold and you know fall has arrived. We can even get snow. Right now I am enjoying the warm days, cool evenings and my garden. Here is what’s happening at my home and …

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