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Beat Winter Body Blues with 24-Hour Veggie Soup Cleanse

We’ve all heard about juice cleanses, but not everyone has heard about another hot health trend – the soup cleanse. Soup cleanses are fantastic for long winter months when our bodies could use a warm boost of energy, unlike juice cleanses that contain some fruits, soup cleanses are typically lower on the glycemic scale. This …

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Kickstart Your Vitality with This 24-Hour Juice Cleanse

Whether you’re just jumping on the healthy living train (good for you), or you have been leading a healthy lifestyle for years, a juice cleanse is one of the best choices you can make for your body. A mini 24-hour juice cleanse is a great starting point, and will jumpstart your wellness, push out toxins …

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Healthy Holiday Recipes + Savvy Health Round Up #2

Curious what health coaches eat to feel great during the holiday season?  Wondering what do health coaches do to make sure they are keeping health a priority during the festive season? It is here. Download the free PDF 10 Healthy Holiday Recipe Favorites with bonus Holiday Survival Tips. 10 health coaches joined together to create …

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