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What’s Happening – January 2016

What's Happening January 2016 - Inner Savvy Wellness

It is a New Year.  2016…will it be a fantastic year or just a mediocre year?  You get to decide how it starts.  Not everything is in your control, but how you react and what your attitude is toward the events makes all the difference.  I totally believe it will be an amazing year.

Here is what is happening at home and Inner Savvy Wellness.

Planning for 2016.  I started the week between Christmas and New Year’s and the plans and organizing continues.  I love taking this time to get the year start off right.  I am using this free printable planner to plan out my blog. Do you do any planning for your personal and work life?

Learning what is wrong with me. One of the first things I have to do for my certification to become a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner is to have lab testing done on me.  I will practice interpreting lab starting with my own labs.  My labs are in, and I am sad and excited. Sad because I have Stage III Adrenal Dysfunction.  Which basically means my adrenals are almost done producing anything.  Sad because I have done typical medical test many times before that have come back as I am healthy. Excited because finally something actually shows what is wrong with me.  The labs are confirming what I thought and why I struggle with energy all of the time. There are other things like digestive and hormonal issues which are probably all related.  More testing needs to be done, but at least we have somewhere to start.

New Year New You Clean Eating Detox - Inner Savvy Wellness

Anticipating the start of New Year, New You Clean Eating Detox. Yes, over the holidays I ate some sugar and other junk food that I don’t typically eat.  I can tell the difference in how I feel.  I am already working on eating more vegetables and getting on track, but I am looking forward to participating in the winter detox with those that have signed up. I participated in my fall detox along with those that signed up, and I loved doing it along with them.  It starts January 14. Time to settle into the new year.  Looking forward to eating even healthier and cleaner.

Listening to Leana Wen, What Your Doctor Won’t Disclose a fabulous Ted Talk. Do you know the relationship your doctor has with drug companies?  Do you know her/his values?  It might be important to find out.

Enjoying the winter decoration in my home. Epiphany is today. We had time yesterday so my husband and I took down the Christmas decorations and put up winter ones.  It feels warm and cozy in here.

Re-committing to my morning ritual.  I took time to relax for about 10 days.  I slept in some days till 7:00, so I had less time to do all of my morning rituals.  That is ok.  I enjoyed snuggling before getting out of bed.  However, as life gets back to normal, I realize how much I miss my morning rituals. Do you let things slide over the holidays?  Are you back on track?

Loving having my oldest son here for one more week. He heads back to college next weekend. It has been so nice to have us all under one roof for a couple of weeks.  I realize that time is getting shorter and shorter to have us all together.  When we could, we played Settlers of Catan or Pinochle.

Ant-Man [Blu-ray]

Watching Ant-Man, one of the latest Avenger movies.  I thought it was fun, entertaining and an enjoyable concept. I think I need to go back and watch more of the Avenger movies.

Trying out my word for 2016.  My word for the past two years was mindful.  Yep, at the start of 2015, I didn’t feel like I had finished with my word, so I kept it for another year.  In December I was thinking of skipping a word this year.  Then I was reading a blog post, and it came to me….story.  My word is story. There is so much story to happen this year.  The story of my business, my health, my family, my life. I want to be present to savor the story that will unfold this year.  Do you have a word for 2016?  Tell me about it in the comments.

Reading Super Genes by Deepak Chopra M.D. and Rudolph E. Tanzi Ph.d. for my book club. I am finding this book on the expression of our genes fascinating.  There is some guilt because of the topic expressed in this quote, “How your mother lived her life while carrying you in the womb may potentially affect your own gene activities and your risk for disease decades later.” I was under a ton of stress and ate horrible food while I was pregnant, especially with my first son. I know I didn’t know better but feel like I have doomed my sons to some degree. However, our lifestyle and eating can make a big difference on how those genes are expressed.  If you are interested in health, pick up this book.

Reading Experience Life Magazine.  I read a few different health related magazines, but this one is my favorite.  Do you have a favorite healthy living magazine?

Healthy Living Reading Challenge 2016 - Inner Savvy Wellness

Savoring the response to my Healthy Living Reading Challenge.  I have picked out my book for this challenge that I will start after reading my book club book, Super Genes. Download your free PDF for the challenge?

I would love to hear your feedback on my questions above.  Just leave me a comment.

If you want to talk to me about your health goals and how you can make changes to kickstart your health this year, I would love to chat.  Schedule a Healthy Results Strategy Session and leave with defined goals and a plan to make this year your healthiest yet.


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  1. stevendooey says:

    Hey! Thanks for sharing. Really cool idea to have a word of the year, definitely going to have to put some thought into that. All the best in 2016 and hope your detox goes well!

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