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Wonder Woman Syndrome No Longer & Stop the Weight Gain

Do you have Wonder Woman Syndrome?  Do you try to do it all, especially this time of year?  Do you feel if you don’t do it, it won’t get done? Do you put yourself last, behind everyone else? Do you feel like you are never enough? Do you let your health goals slide because you are too busy? You can let go and stop the bad habits and weight gain.

Wonder Woman Syndrome | Holiday Bad Habits | Sneaky Weight Gain

I remember watching Wonder Woman in the late 70s. I loved watching her. She was smart, fast and could handle anything that came her way. Remember her lasso of truth? I wonder if during those weekly television sessions I somehow decided to be like her.

I have always been a Type A personality.  Accomplishment feeds me. I like to get things done. I am an excellent multi-tasker.  But I wonder, has my health paid the price?

This December I have given up my Wonder Woman speed, strength, and durability for a calm, relaxing and reflective time.  I didn’t want to race through this month going from one event to the next; decorating, baking and cleaning until I no longer have strength and drop from exhaustion.  Instead, I have chosen to decorate less, attend less and enjoy more.

I have spent an hour in prayer ever day as a way to enjoy the Advent season and prepare my heart for Jesus’ birth.  It has allowed me to let go of stress and to-do lists.  Oh, I still have both, but I am choosing joy; to be joy-filled even in the difficulties.  I have cut my to-do lists down.  I am feeling mentally strong and spiritually ready.

Wonder Woman Syndrome | Snacks | Stop Holiday Weight Gain

I was still seeing the holiday creep of bad health habits. I was tempted to just say, well, hang on, and you can start fresh in the new year.  I knew that mentality was a “kiss of failure” for me.  I let go of being Wonder Woman, but could I do something today, to make a difference in the path I was moving on in my eating.

The one area I was struggling with in my health was snacking too much. I was eating several small snacks a day. I was feeling bloated and uncomfortable, even though most of the snacks were relatively healthy.

Have you let your health slide in the midst of being Wonder Woman this month?

You may want to just give up and start again January 1 with new health goals, but you don’t have to give up on the remaining few days of 2016. It doesn’t mean you have to gain weight.  You can put a stop to your health slide.

Letting Go of Wonder Woman Syndrome and Stopping the Weight Gain Today

First, read Secrets to a Stress-Free Christmas Season. You can still say no, be in the present moment, let go of your expectations, and let go of the Wonder Woman Syndrome.  Just for the remaining days of the year. You can relax and enjoy without driving yourself to exhaustion.  The world won’t stop turning if you don’t do it all. You can pick Wonder Woman back up again on January 1 if you want to, but try it.  You might find you are more relaxed than ever.  You can do anything for less than 2.5 weeks.

Then, determine which bad health habits have crept in that will make the most difference to you and weight gain.

What seems to be tripping you up?  Eating the treats at the office?  Enjoying too much alcohol at parties?  Not moving your body every day?  Eating too much at dinner time?

Finally, make one small plan to stop the weight gain. Just tackle one thing. Then do it!

Whatever it is, the one thing, make a plan to just focus on that for the remaining days.

I did it. I let go of my Wonder Woman Syndrome this month, but could I stop the weight gain and sluggishness? I knew snacking between meals too much was sneaking up on me. There are so many goodies that I wanted to enjoy.  I made a promise to myself to snack only once between breakfast and lunch and then another snack between lunch and dinner.  If I am going to a party, I skip both of those and have two small snacks at the party.  I have been doing it for three days now. I haven’t changed anything else.  Amazingly I feel better already.  I feel powerful like I can stop any bad habit creep that I want to.

Maybe by making this small change for just a few days I found my sword, shield, and lasso of truth.  Maybe when it comes to my health, I am Wonder Woman.

Comment below on your one thing you are going to do for your health with the few days remaining in 2017 to stop bad habit creep and weight gain.  It doesn’t have to be big, but it can make a huge difference in attitude and health.

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  1. Alexa says:

    This is me. I am type A too. If I know there are things I could get done, I feel antsy just relaxing! I have a health condition in which I am actually trying to gain weight haha, but I am definitely trying to pause and tell myself it is okay not to do everything!

  2. Sheri says:

    What a great post. I am all about motivation and inspiration and I love the fact that you are focusing more on you. A lot of points you mentioned here described me completely and I am also trying to cut down on being wonder woman. It is a journey, but I am on it.

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